How Likely It Is That Nick And Vanessa Will Actually Get Married, According To Experts

Though most fansare still sobbingover the somewhat expected splitbetween Ben Higgins and chosen fiance, Lauren Bushnell, its time we shift our attention to the reigning reality TV pair: Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi.

People have speculated that the season 21 suitor hasnt really seemedsuper pleased when out in public with Grimaldi, and he even told Us Weeklythere areno immediate plans for a wedding.

Love will always prevail, but in this case, a lot of people arent suretheres strong,existing love between Viall and Grimaldiin the first place.

To help determine whether or not Nick and Vanessa will get married, Elite Daily spoke with a few different experts who weighed inon what to make of all this on-air romance.

As expected, most are less than optimistic.

When it comes to finding love, its especially difficult for it tofeel authentic when youre ina time crunch. For shows like, youre pressured to get to know someone (and fall in love withthem) in just a few short weeks, which isnt exactly the most realistic.

Plus, youre on a goddamn TV show, while all the aspects of your actual lifeare put on hold.

When you are in a vacation-like setting that doesnt deal with money, job stress, balancing friends and family, once you go back into the real world, you might find that your needs are very different,says matchmaking and dating expert Stef Safran.

And once you step back into the real world, its important to find your footing. Safran believes the and couples who were the most successful post-filming are the ones who kept themselves out of the limelight.

If you can go back to a normal job and share similargoals about life after reality TV, then it seems you have a better shot at making it beyond the cameras, shesays.

Lori Salkin, Senior Matchmaker and Dating Coach, alsobelieves couples crafted on a television program are destined for failure and that all the outside media influence canchange how your relationship operates.

In reality, no one tweets, or posts on Facebook or Instagram every single thing they do with their boyfriend or girlfriend in a relationship, Salkin says. In reality, people avoid controversy and drama, but for TV thats what gets the ratings. Real relationships are created behind closed doors and those are the ones who thrive.

But on the other hand, some could argue that Vanessa make it to the end for a reason.

While plenty of fans were #TeamRaven through and through, others, likematchmaker and dating coach/expert Julia Bekker, found Nick and Vanessas love to appear pretty real. Opposites are supposed to attract, after all.

I think their differences can bring strength to one another and their relationship, Bekker tells Elite Daily. Vanessa is vulnerable and cautious, emotionally, and Nick has a way of giving her the validation she needs to feel safe and reassured. Nick has a pretty laid back personality, and Vanessa seems to have a way of motivating him and lighting a spark under his butt.

In order for them to truly last, it looks like they need to step out of their comfort zones, live their lives out of the spotlight, and grow up a little bit.

But Nicks continued television exposure, courtesy of his time spent on and the fact that Nick and Vanessa dont seem whenever theyre out in public together may not bode wellwhen it comes to wedding bells.

They have of odds to overcome if theyd like to successfully make it down the aisle.

I wish em the very best.

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